Location Testing with Accuplacer-About the Test

Accuplacer outcomes may help pupils to decide on properly whenever registering for classes. Pupils who possess finished twelfth grade with a 2.7 GPA or maybe more from in the previous 10 years need not take the English sections of this Accuplacer. Pupils who’ve finished school that is high a 2.7 GPA or more from in the previous three years need not use the mathematics parts of the Accuplacer. Submit your transcripts towards the Admissions office and consult with an consultant about which test parts you might have to take.

Concerning the Test

The placement test is delivered via computer Accuplacer that is using by university Board.

On Test Day:

  • Intend on testing about 2 hours. The size of the session will differ for every single pupil.
  • A photograph I.D. is necessary prior to the test could be administered with no meals, beverages, electronics, or any other individual products are allowed within the evaluating room.
  • Relatives and buddies might maybe perhaps maybe not come with pupils to the evaluating space. Anybody not testing, including moms and dads and kids, won’t be allowed in testing areas. For lots more information review our guest/visitor policies.
  • Exact Same time retests aren’t permitted. For information on MWCC’s retest policy please make reference to the College Catalog.

Test Parts:

The test is split into 2 English parts and math that is 1-2. For informative data on exactly what your positioning scores mean, please always check right here.

Campuses & Scheduling

Location assessment can be obtained during the Gardner, Leominster, and Devens campuses. Pupils testing for MWCC should have recently been accepted towards the university. Phone ahead if screening for the school that is different.

Gardner Campus

  • Walk–In testing: Monday-Friday 8:30am–1:00pm and also Tuesdays at 5:00pm.

Leominster Campus

  • By visit evaluation: for, appointments are available for Mondays at 5:30pm, Tuesdays at 1:00pm and 4:00pm, and Thursdays at 1:00pm august. Beginning in appointments are available for Mondays at 5:30pm, Tuesdays at 1:00pm and 4:00pm, and Fridays at 9am september. Call 978-630-9813 or 978-630-9812 to schedule.

Devens Campus

  • By visit screening: for, appointments are available for Thursday mornings at 9am august. Starting in appointments are available for Wednesday mornings at 9:00am september. Use the Testing Appointment Calendar or call 978-630-9569 to schedule.

Finding your way through the Test

Pupils should review research materials just before evaluation. Sign up for College Board’s student portal right here: Accuplacer Student Portal. This web site includes the after features:

  • Day Practice Resources, such as study guides and sample tests that help you experience the types of questions to be asked on test
  • Rating Report, that allows one to access your scores online
  • Test Center Locator, which allows you to find an evaluating location near to house (if you undertake to try at another educational college, please give us a call for further instruction just before assessment)

You could print out of the research guides right here:

(Note: Accuplacer phone apps are not produced by university Board and tend to be not advised to be used.)

Next Actions

Register for a mandatory smart begin occasion once you’ve finished the placement test. At SMART begin you will read about your test ratings, program positioning, and course routine.

Note: Students in Dual Enrollment, Gateway, and Pathways programs don’t go to SMART begin.

Test Scores

Asking for ratings from MWCC Test ratings will never be fond of anyone apart from the test that is actual without written permission through the test taker.

  • Them sent someplace else, you may possibly deliver a contact from your own MWCC account to testingservices@mwcc.mass.edu if you wish to request your ratings, or have actually. Add your title, MWCC ID # (or date of delivery), your contact number, approximate test times, the title regarding the recipient/institution, plus the target, e-mail, or fax where they must be delivered.
  • In the place of having an MWCC email account, you might finish and signal the Accuplacer rating Request fax and form to 978-630-9278 or scan and e-mail to testingservices@mwcc.mass.edu.
  • Ratings can also be released by demand from a designee (such as for instance a moms and dad or partner) noted on a FERPA (FamilyEducationalRighttoPrivacyAct) waiver kind. When you have perhaps not completed an application and wish to, or wish customwritings to make modifications, contact the reports workplace at 978-630-9106.

Sending Scores to MWCC from Another School If you took Accuplacer at an unusual college and wants for MWCC to really have the ratings, you need to contact one other college to request the score report be sent right to Testing Services at MWCC.

  • Score reports is only going to be accepted if delivered straight to MWCC Testing Services from one other college. Ratings aren’t valid if a lot more than three years old. You need to talk about your ratings by having an Advisor.
  • Schools may send Accuplacer score states to Services that is testing by: 978-630-9278 or email to testingservices@mwcc.mass.edu.

Rooms for Students with Disabilities

To request accommodations that are reasonable evaluating, please contact pupil Services at 978-630-9855 just before scheduling the test.


MWCC can use your test outcomes for data collection and analysis that is statistical to analyze. Your title will never be incorporated into any extensive research task.