A comprehensive service acting on behalf of our clients in the sale, purchase and leasing of agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial properties. Over the years, we have learnt much about how people buy, sell or rent properties and have applied this knowledge in matching buyers and sellers with the right property at the right price as well as creating harmonious and successful landlord-tenant relationship. We also provide in-depth advice on property investment portfolio and the effects of government legislation.


  • Agency Services
    • The Agency Division has a team of full-time professionals specializing in residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our people come from diverse backgrounds with wide expertise and skillsets. Coupled with consistent training and coaching, we are well equipped to evaluate needs and advise you, our client, for optimal results.


  • Project Marketing
    • Our Project Marketing team provides a comprehensive range of services which include product development, market studies, comparative and competitive market analysis, marketing and sales strategy including pricing and promotions, handle all sales enquiries, closing of sales, submit sales and marketing reports.