Our team of registered valuers and valuation executives provide all types of property valuations for various purposes to banks, property companies, pension funds, developers, investors, statutory bodies, government agencies and fund managers.

Types of Property Valuation

  • Office Valuation
    • Our professionals are experienced in the valuation of all types and sizes of office buildings. These include the various grades of purpose-built office complexes as well as individual strata offices.


  • Retail Valuation
    • We undertake valuations for all types of retail properties, including shopping centers, hypermarkets and specialty stores.


  • Residential Valuation
    • We undertake valuations for all types of residential properties – all types of landed and strata properties including service apartments. We carry out valuation of individual units as well as en bloc valuation.


  • Agricultural Valuation
    • We undertake valuations of estate/plantation as well as small agriculture holdings including homesteads.


  • Industrial Valuation
    • These include various types of industrial properties, from purpose built industrial complexes, warehouses, logistics centers, flatted factories as well as traditional industrial premises.


  • Special Properties Valuation
    • These include leisure, healthcare, education institutions, golf resorts & hotels.


  • Plant, Machinery And Equipment Valuation
    • Plant, machinery and equipment valuations are specialized and require experience and specific training. Our team of professionals are ever ready to undertake such valuations.


Purposes of Valuation

  1. Mortgage & Financing
  2. Sale & Purchase (private treaties, tenders and auctions)
  3. Financial Reports & Fair Value Accounting
  4. Fire insurance
  5. Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Reverse Takeovers (RTO) & Share Issuance
  6. Corporate Restructuring
  7. Mergers and Acquisitions
  8. Partnership, Joint Venture, Corporatization & Privatization
  9. Liquidation & Receivership
  10. Statutory Valuations (Land Acquisition, Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax, Estate Duty, Land Alienation, Conversion, Development Charge & Rating)
  11. Leasing, Letting & Rent Reviews
  12. Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  13. Investment
  14. Property Development